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Digital Transformation Tips from the Experts

Useful DevOps Tools for a successful Reference Architecture

Sep 9, 2019 5:18:33 PM Posted by Marco Bizzantino - No Comments

In the previous blog posts, we have deepened concepts like DevOps methodology, Cloud, Security and their connected tools and practices, by explaining how Digital Transformation influenced and radically changed the company’s approach to these three areas with the aim of obtaining a more flexible and agile applicative development.

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4 fundamental metrics to measure DevOps performances

Jun 3, 2019 2:08:14 PM Posted by Marco Bizzantino - No Comments

Today, farms are starting to invest in DevOps methodologies and practices, since they have understood their importance in making development stages faster, reliable and with fewer mistakes.

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Keep Calms and DevOps: the basis for an efficient changing strategy

Feb 13, 2019 4:43:05 PM Posted by Marco Bizzantino - No Comments

In the previous articles, we already explained “What is DevOps” and which are the origins of this methodology. Now, let’s see the pillars standing at the basis of this change that help the optimization and improvement of the software development phases and the obtaining of a competitive advantage.

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The collaboration between the smartest DevOps teams

Feb 5, 2019 5:03:23 PM Posted by Marco Bizzantino - No Comments

The company’s culture and the way of working on development projects are evolving radically. Adapting to this change means innovation, faster processes, happier customers and even work with a smile!

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Configuration Management Tools: Ansible & Puppet

Feb 5, 2019 11:28:54 AM Posted by Marco Bizzantino - No Comments

The main companies’ goal is to constantly increase the customer satisfaction through the production and delivery of immediately usable software thanks to which continuous releases and features are possible.

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Why You Should Adopt a Log Analytics Solution

Jan 4, 2019 4:30:19 PM Posted by Marco Bizzantino - No Comments

Is it hard for you to have a complete vision of your company’s data? You are not the only one, lots of other companies are in the same situation: it’s not easy to analyse such a great quantity of data belonging to different typologies and this is all because the information explosion.

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What Is Container Orchestration? Which are the best Tools?

Dec 20, 2018 10:25:00 AM Posted by Marco Bizzantino - No Comments

Containerization is the increasingly used technology that allows the collaboration between different teams (development, security, quality control). All news concerning containers become immediately popular, especially talking about orchestration. What is it, why is it so famous, and which are the best tools for companies?

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How to optimize the Software Development Lifecycle

Dec 17, 2018 3:12:24 PM Posted by Marco Bizzantino - No Comments

In the era in which the applications have to be innovative and continuously updated, it is very important to have a software development lifecycle as short as possible to keep the company competitive.

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Machine Learning Software: how to use it for your company

Nov 29, 2018 5:32:27 PM Posted by Marco Bizzantino - No Comments

In the past companies didn’t use to know their internal problems. The issues were often raised directly by customers; business decisions weren’t taken based on the real data internally collected, but they were based on problems occurred in that specific moment. In the IT and Automation world it is not acceptable to become aware of problems only when the customer is complaining about them, or when the company has already lost him. Today we have a perfectly clear and real-time vision about what is happening. Companies have only to learn how to use that information to improve their work and their turnover.

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Collaborative Software Development with GitHub

Sep 25, 2017 2:13:37 PM Posted by Marco Bizzantino - No Comments

Today, with Digital Transformation, a lot of companies belonging to different industries have understood the importance and the centrality of the Software to remain competitive. For this reason, they need to implement rapid and slim processes and smart projects to allow different teams to collaborate in real time and in complete transparency.

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