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Objectives in Security areas

Every Digital Transformation path requires complete and effective solutions that can support the cybersecurity and data protection.

AKIT, with its services and solutions, aims to achieve the following goals for your security.

  • Security of technologies in use
    We analize and secure platforms and softwares in use

  • Monitoring in real time and identifying risks
    We keep under control every aspect that concerns security

  • Secure by default
    With Shift Left approach, you can plan every activity putting the focus on security

  • Speed of response against threats
    By adopting and applying DevSecOps methodology

Our services allow you to secure your IT infrastructure
in every way

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Practices for Cloud Native security

It is essential that we adopt specific practices in support of cybersecurity to implement at its best Cloud Native. AKIT includes our IT Security services that are focused on the following aspects:

  • Kubernetes and Docker cluster hardening
    Analysis and implementation of the best security practices for containerized environments

  • Vulnerability Assessment
    Identifying and classifying risks and vulnerabilities on-prem and on Cloud

  • Vulnerabilities Continuous monitoring
    Aggregation of information generated by every asset and company user to identify any anomalies

  • Penetration Test
    To analyze, to evaluate the level of security and to reduce risks by using a specific remediation plan

  • Hardening on infrastructure on-prem and Cloud
    Security is implemented starting from infrastructure and applications provisioning in a idempotent and agnostic way
  • DevSecOps
    “Everyone is responsible for security”: security is an integral part of engineering and developing processes

  • Compliance
    To be in order with data management

  • Next Gen end point security
    It is an evolved method of endpoints protection that is based on UBA (User behavior analytics) and assets analysis, allowing to totally manage remotely every security incident

  • Security Analysis
    We will help you conducting audit and evaluation

  • Adoption of the Shift Left approach
    That ensures an implementation of security from the design phase of an application or of a system

  • Next Gen Siem
    The detection of threats by using the most suitable technologies

How do you deploy all these practices to manage the security of your projects?

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Kiratech Partnerships

We are Cloud Native Computing Foundation Silver Member
and The Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner


Certified and qualified expertise


We put at your disposal the most reliable partners and tools to ensure the highest standards of safety for your IT infrastructure.



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