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We manage with you tasks related to a specific technology area or to the entire IT department

  • What do you need to consider when you manage an IT infrastructure via in-house team?
  • How many and what kind of skills does you in-house team require?
  • How much control would you have with an outsourced/external management?

    The solution is somewhere in-between!

Discover the benefits of the Managed Service Provider

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Managed Service Provider:

MSP deals with ordinary and extraordinary tasks in the IT department in collaboration with the internal team. You choose which tasks are co-shared when adopting the service.

Our experience in managing in the state-of-the-art infrastructures allows us to bring our technical skills in your organization.


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• It favours a proactive approach of work
We operate to prevent failures and contingencies before anomalies take over

• It releases the team from day-by-day activities
While you focus on productivity, we will take care of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

• It helps reduce implementation costs
MPS allows the entire product management with clear and agreed costs

Service delivery is carried out in secure environments
Infrastructure management is based on Public Cloud AWS with safe intercommunication agreed with the client

• System access are monitored and secured
Joint management activities guarantee the highest security level for your IT infrastructure

• We will provide periodic reports on the progress of our service
You will always have under control every level of service and every activity carried out in joint management

Qualified personnel and direct supporter
Our professionals will follow you in the implementation of every activity they are going to co-manage. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage of our consulting service

We deliver value, not time
Our proposition goes beyond a simple timed ticketing service, we will provide everything you need, when you need it

• The best brands
Our certifications and our successful partners are a further proof of our reliability and of our expertise in the field

• 24/7 service
We guarantee you the highest availability of our technical support

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Managed Service Provider
Benefits by Kiratech

These are the perks of our MSP service


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Personale qualificato e supporto diretto
Sarai seguito da professionisti con esperienza diretta nell’implementazione di ciò che poi sono chiamati a cogestire, in modo da offrirti anche un servizio di consulenza

Offriamo valore, non tempo
Quello che ti proponiamo va ben oltre un semplice servizio di ticketing a tempo, mettiamo a tua disposizione tutto ciò che serve, quando serve

I migliori brand
Le certificazioni ottenute e i nostri partner di successo sono un’ulteriore conferma della nostra affidabilità e della competenza in materia

Servizio H24 7 giorni su 7
Siamo in grado di garantire il massimo della disponibilità nel supporto tecnico in cogestione

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Kiratech MSP offer

These are the areas where we can provide our MSP service


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• Elastic
We will help you implementing tools and practices to collect, research, analyze and display data in a safe and performing way

• CloudBees and Jenkins
We co-manage your Software Life Cycle based on Continuous Integration e Continuous Delivery

• OpenShift, Docker and Kubernetes
We support you in the containerization to develop and run applications

• DevSecOps
We support your team in the implementation of DevSecOps methodology, anticipating infrastructure and code security from the first step of the process

• Monitoring
It’s easier to monitor the entire IT infrastructure or your project if we can do it together. We aim to provide reliable services towards your business

• Hybrid Cloud
We support you during the entire switch of your IT infrastructure in the cloud environment

• Service Mesh
Thanks to our expertise, we can improve the visibility and the security of applications and microservices. This helps them communicate between each other, through every infrastructure

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