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We guarantee you a professional support towards the Cloud Native Enterprise

Cloud-Native approach requires an evolution of the entire corporate structure: IT infrastructure, corporate culture, expertise, software and working procedures. It takes more than a simple advice or a “Body-Rental” contract.

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Do you want to learn more about the DevOps methodology
that can help you implement your Cloud Native Approach?

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Goals of our Professional Services

We study your needs, we develop the most suited strategies, we choose the best practices and the best tools for your business and we follow your journey through the digital evolution.

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It is essential to modernize the IT infrastructure in a Cloud-Native approach. With us, you will:

  • Standardize your IT infrastructure in Cloud perspective

  • Optimize team’s work in the management of the IT infrastructure

  • Streamline and automate release processes
  • Deploy a system with almost no need for maintenance

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DevOps is based on a closer cooperation between Developers and Operations that allows to:

  • Improve the quality of the softwares

  • Reduce time-to-market of application delivery

  • Minimize inefficiencies, risks and error codes

  • Deploy a real Hybrid Cloud with Containers

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AKIT - We Secure IT

Digital evolution requires a complete solution to provide cybersecurity.
Our service allows to:

  • Rely on trustworthy Cloud and Open Source technologies

  • Keep track on every aspect of the cybersecurity

  • Detect threats in advance thanks to the Shift-Left approach

  • Respond proactively and quickly to security threats

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Professional Services
and Cloud Consulting

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• Blueprint engineering to migrate from on-prem to Cloud Provider

• Migration from on-prem to Cloud Provider

• Implementation of PaaS and Saas on Cloud Provider

• Cloud environments hardening

• Deployment of Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud strategies

• The Monitoring of Cloud and Multi-cloud

• Cloud backup and data protection

• Advice on the development and engineering of cloud native applications

• Serverless

• Second Opinion Service (SOS)

• DevOps check-up and DevOps strategy

• Containerization of services and microservices management

• Creation and implementation of cluster Kubernetes

• Implementation of DevOps practices and processes

• Blueprint engineering of DevOps applications

• Implementation and audit of CI/CD practices

• Design and construction of Service Datalake

• Service Mesh

• Design and construction of collaboration coding tools

• Automation and provisioning of every infrastructure

• Test automation

• Monitoring

• Release Automation and Release Orchestration Management

• Log Analytics

• Application Performance Monitoring

• Machine Learning

• Defining, implementing and monitoring DevOps KPIs

• Second Opinion Service (SOS)

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Professional Services
and DevOps Consulting

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• Progettazione blueprint per la migrazione da on-prem a Cloud Provider

• Migrazione da On-prem a Cloud Provider

• Implementazione di servizi PaaS e SaaS su Cloud Provider

• Hardening degli ambienti Cloud

• Implementazione dell’Hybrid Cloud e di strategie multi-Cloud

• Monitoraggio di Cloud e multi-Cloud

• Cloud Backup e protezione dei dati

• Consulenza nello sviluppo e nella progettazione di applicazioni Cloud Native

• Serverless

• Second Opinion Service (SOS)


Professional Services
and AKIT

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• Docker and Kubernetes clusters hardening

• Vulnerability Assessment

• Vulnerabilities Continuous monitoring

• Penetration Test

• Cloud and on-prem infrastructure hardening 

• DevSecOps

• Compliance

• Next Gen end point security

• Security Analysis

• Application of the shift-Left approach

• Next Gen Siem

• Second Opinion Service (SOS)

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