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DevOps methodology advantages

The DevOps methodology goal is to improve the collaboration between Developers (Dev) and Operations (Ops) to make the software realization faster and the related processes more efficient. 

The DevOps method can be adopted by enterprise companies that are facing with a digital transformation journey and it offers different advantages.

  • Time to Market reduction
    It makes the services, applications and processes times shorter

  • Quality software guarantee
    It improves the developed applications quality

  • Real Hybrid Cloud implementation
    Through the use of containers, Kubernetes and microservices

  • Inefficiencies and risks minimization
    Thanks to the use of Continuous Monitoring practices

  • Configuration errors reduction
    Through the Infrastructure as a Code processes

  • Infrastructure management costs cutting
    Cloud oriented investments

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DevOps methodology practices and tools

It’s not only about your company’s culture, but it concerns also practices and tools

Infrastructure as Code
Infrastructure as Code

The switch to a virtual, replicable and scalable infrastructure

Automazione dello sviluppo tramite Container
Development automation using containers

The creation of isolated, secure and portable development environment

Sviluppo software collaborativo e Code Hosting
Sviluppo software collaborativo
e Code Hosting

Prepare archives and web hosting to share files

Continuous Integration/Delivery/Pipeline
Continuous Integration/Delivery/Pipeline

Automated testing procedures to make the delivery faster

Log Management e Analytics
Log Management and Analytics

Systems to interpret and extract data from logs

Continuous Monitoring
Continuous Monitoring

Server, services and programs constant monitoring

Find out the tools you need to use
to implement DevOps Methodology

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Kiratech Partners

We are Cloud Native Computing Foundation Silver Member
and The Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner


Qualified and certified skills


Kiratech was one of the first to adopt the DevOps vision in Italy. Our successful partnerships are a proof of this.


Red Hat
Rancher by SUSE
sauce labs

and Cloud Native Enterprise

The implementation of DevOps methodology
is key of a Cloud Native Approach.

Being Cloud Native means to adopt a combination of technologies and techniques to create resilient and monitorable systems, with the goal to develop and deliver quality applications and to obtain shorter software lifecycles driven by users’ feedback.

To adopt the DevOps methodology is fundamental to implement the Cloud Native approach in your company.

How we can help you

We assist Enterprises during the implementation of the Cloud Native approach and the DevOps methodology, using best suited tools and methods for their business. We follow the whole lifecycle of their project through our services:

servizi professionali

We draw up your DevOps strategy together

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Service Provider

Monitoring and ticketing co-managed service

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Best tools

We resell the most innovative DevOps tools

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Form your team to the DevOps methodology

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You should start your path with a Workshop DevOps for Business, that will allow you to introduce in your company a DevOps Vision and to understand the best tools and practices that you should deploy.

The workshop talks about the DevOps methodology and vision, as well as its benefits that allow you to achieve the best results in your business.

Furthermore, we will talk about the practices underlying DevOps, about DevOps Workflow and about the best tools for a perfect DevOps Design.


Perform a DevOps Check-up: it consists in a specific advice done by our DevOps specialists that will determine precisely the state of your company in the field of DevOps technologies and procedures.

The check-up is preparatory to the second phase (optional) where we define a DevOps strategy, where our experts will draw up a document of company strategy towards the adoptions of the best tools and DevOps practices.


If you don't, you will never know if your spending in the technological and digital stack is correct.

An advice will allow you to understand if you are making mistakes or if there are inefficiencies in you development process.

With an evaluation, you will define specific objectives and implement a better strategy. LEARN MORE >>

Many large companies offer those kind of services for free because they are already included in another service that you are going to purchase, or, in other cases, because they don't give much importance to this crucial process.

Which is, in fact, necessary: from the assessment (or check-uo), we are able to create the document where we suggest improvements, action plan and delivery times.

Based on this document, your company is going to plan al the further activities.

An high level evaluation is a great and essential starting point to draw a strategic planning which is going to help your company achieving its goals. 

DevOps methodology connects devoper's team with operations team in order to speed up dev processes by using an high quality software.

Operation outsourcing is a paradox: it tightens up development process and slows down code releases. which is the opposite that we are aiming.

There's no collaboration and the process of application development is more rigid.

You should change you corporate culture.


Usually people think that outsourcing means flexibility and free management, but it is not often like this.

The most competitive and innovative companies in the market have learned to work work with both internal and external developers to gain advantages from the shared work between dev and operations.

This is the purpose of DevOps, that aims to speed up the developing process by depolying an high quality software.


For a successful DevOps strategy, identifying and measuring the right KPIs it is fundamental. 

Being able to monitor these indicators and identify possible issues can make the difference if you want to stay ahead of the competition and begin an organizational development.

Based on our experience, here are some important KPIs that you might want to monitor to evaluate the performance of DevOps:

  1. Frequency of code distribution of your Dev team
  2. Throughput speed from code commit to deployment
If you would like to know more about this topic, here's an article where we talk sbout other inmportant KPIs READ THE ARTICLE