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Cloud advantages

Kiratech is constantly following the IT market evolution.

Our vision has evolved from the traditional datacenter to the Hyperconverged infrastructure, microservices architecture and the private, public and hybrid Cloud implementation. 


Cloud Transformation is the best solution for the Enterprises that are facing an infrastructural and application modernization project from the digital transformation point of view. It offers several advantages:

  • Make the infrastructures’ delivery processes simple and automatic

  • Optimize the infrastructural team

  • Eliminate the maintenance processes thanks to automation

  • Optimize the supply of resources

  • Standardize the infrastructure

  • Eliminate the infrastructure’s management costs

How to start your Cloud Transformation?

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Cloud practices

Cloud Transformation can be implemented in a company through specific practices and related tools 

Software Defined Data Center
Software Defined Data Center

Concerning datacenter, every single aspect is software-managed 

Private Cloud, Public Cloud e Hybrid Cloud
Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

High flexibility and agility in the workloads shift between different environments 


To eliminate the vendor lock-in, improve the business continuity and the devices’ need deriving from the geographic dislocation 

data protection
Cloud Backup and Data protection

To protect data from possible violations or leak 

 IoT & Edge Computing
IoT & Edge Computing

Constant and resilient workloads orchestration and analysis for geographically dislocated devices 

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to implement DevOps methodology

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Kiratech for Industry 4.0

Kiratech is part ofIndustrial Advisory Board (IAB) that collaborates with the IT department of University of Verona to implement a laboratory for Industry 4.0 (ICE Lab)

ICE Laboratory will be controlled by a modern software stack, with augmented reality equipment and digital manufacturing. It is connected to the university computational platform, involving the addition of hubs, interfaced and integrated with CloudVeneto.

The project is funded by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) and it involves the use of Industry 4.0 technologies, including Cloud, Cybersecurity and Big Data Analytics.


Kiratech Partners

We are Cloud Native Computing Foundation Silver Member
and The Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner


Qualified and certified skills


Kiratech works with the major Cloud Provider, like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, and it is able to manage the designing and implementation phase to help companies to move their workloads on these services.


VMware Tanzu
IBM cloud
Microsoft Azure
Google cloud

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud


Cloud Native Enterprise

Present and future of digital activities belong to the Cloud Native Era.

Are you ready for the evolution?

The Hybrid Cloud for the building of modern data center and the Cloud Native approach for the software development represent a perfect match in a context in which efficiency and versatility are fundamentals. 


How we can help you

We walk beside you in the Cloud Native and in the Cloud Transformation implementation, providing you with the best tools and methodologies for your business. We follow the whole project lifecycle with our services: 

servizi professionali

We draw up your Cloud Transformation strategy together 

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Service Provider

Monitoring and ticketing co-managed service 

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Best Tools

We resell the most innovative Cloud Transformation tools

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Form your team to the Cloud Transformation

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There are lots of strategies to migrate to the Cloud. The main ones are the “lift-and-shift migration” that allows a fast migration of applications to the Cloud without changing the code; the Refactoring one, that consists in the applications’ code modification using the IaaS and PaaS solutions; the application re-design, it means an application resize and modernization tht aims to exploit the flexibility provided by the Cloudthe application re-writing using Cloud Native technologies that allow to have more innovative apps.  

Kiratech can help your company in the selection of the best strategy according to your actual environment and according to tour development objectives. 

We can identify four main requirements to achieve a winning Cloud migration:
1. A company’s cultural change, that consists in:

- an enrichment of the IT and security teams’ competences in order to support the Cloud workloads

- the adoption of iterative and agile approaches

- the adoption of the DevOps methodology

- the definition of at least on team exclusively dedicated to the Cloud strategy and another one Team more operative, focused more on its adoption

- increase the collaboration and the integration between IT managers and business ones

2. The initial workload definition, dividing it by priorities to be migrated within the first two or three releases. Depending on the chosen migration strategy, the following code and infrastructure changes will be managed.

3. The Cloud hosting dimension that will receive the migrated resources must satisfy the minimum requirements to host the first workload to be migrated. Monitoring the Cloud platform costs is also fundamental to satisfy the fixed strategic objectives concerning also the economic aspect.

4. To have a clear software’s application, architecture and network map in order to detect eventual constraints related to the interdependences that have to be analyzed before the migration starts.

Kiratech, according to its big experience in this field, is the right partner able to guide your company in the strategic and technique choices, adapting them to the actual environment of the company in order to bring it to the Cloud Native Enterprise.

The lock-in factor must be taken into consideration during the Cloud Provider choice, it means that it is important to select a proprietary technology that doesn’t allow to migrate the application workload to another infrastructure in a later stage.

Choosing the Cloud Provider’s products allows to accelerate the time-to-market, to outsource the designing, the maintenance, the evolution of the infrastructure and provides integrations with billing, logging and monitoring of the cloud platform. This strategic choice must consider the lock-in risk in the case that some original favorable conditions given by the Cloud Provider will fall as years go by (licensing, obsolescence, vendor’s market stability, the vendor’s technological gap compared to the ecosystem).

Kiratech can support your Cloud Provider adoption strategy by analyzing the architectural and infrastructural components, identifying the lock-in risks and activating some risk’s mitigation strategies that consist in choose the best technological layers.

Open source tools can be analyzed more easily than the black box ones. This analysis includes also the eventual risks related to the implemented code’s quality and its availability to host features or patching from the community according to a shared roadmap.

Tools can be developed spontaneously by the community or can be released by the vendor. The product’s stability and solidity will be declared according to its ecosystem and how much grip it will generate inside the community.

Another important thing is to evaluate the open source product’s offered support: if there is no support, then the company will have to maintain it and correct possible anomalies. There are also some open source products that can be covered by the vendor’s support using licensing models that can be different according to the product.
There is also an always increasing complex ecosystem of cloud native products given by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation that allow to monitor the maturity of the tools, filter them by license typology (open source or not) and access the code repository and the vendor’s information.

Kiratech is CNCF partner and Silver Member, so it can help the customer to be well oriented in its tools’ strategic choice to take business advantages to the company.