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May 8, 2020 (1 minutes read)

May 26th - WEBINAR "Automation and Orchestration of the software development lifecycle" for Swiss Market

How can we make sure that the software development lifecycle works in a manageable, auditable and clear way without a continuity solution?

Learn how to automate and orchestrate your software development lifecycle to improve your organization IT and business results. 

We are going to talk about this during our Webinar, organised for Swiss market, and not only:

Automation and Orchestration of Software Development Lifecycle

that will take place on

Tuesday, May 26th at 10:30 am

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The fast growth rates of modern companies put DevOps teams under pressure because they are constantly looking for faster software release strategies that have to be also efficient and high-quality at the same time. Trusted and secure application releases need also collaboration, having visibility into versions, into the development processes and so forth.

During our webinar we will talk in depth about how, using an adaptive release orchestration platform, your organization will change the way to release software, through:

Development automation

develop applications in every possible environment on any scale in a predictable way;

Application release orchestration

manage release pipelines between several teams, tools and infrastructures;

- DevOps Insight analysis

on the basis of these, plan, schedule and track the versions.

You'll be also able to:

  • Integrate tools that are natively disconnected
  • Manage manual, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes easily through reusable application release pipelines templates
  • Provide quick access to teams and projects with a complete Self-service DevOps catalogue
  • Support the Cloud Native approach and the traditional legacy one in the same time.
  • Manage complex pipelines and releases
  • Quickly resize the whole organization

The best platform to do this is CloudBees Flow, an adaptive release orchestration platform that lets teams implement fast and adapt easily, with unprecedented insight and control of all types of releases–at any scale. 

During the Webinar you'll have the opportunity to interact with our Experts and to make questions in order to go in depth with your status of software development process of Automation and Orchestration.


vincenzo-fermeVincenzo Ferme

Cloud & DevOps Expert at Kiratech

Manuel Schuller

Manuel Schuller

CloudBees EMEA DevOps-ifier, Public Speaker, Business and Tech Challenges Solver

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Kiratech and CloudBees are working together to help companies during their software release process in DevOps environments improvement, with their solid and strong experience concerning Cloud Native and DevOps processes and tools from one side, and a complete competence in the DevOps processes automation field and the Continuous Integration and Delivery on the other side

Swiss by birth and Italian by adoption, I graduated cum laude in Business at the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan in 1996.My wish was to work in every sector, but IT… “a world that never stops”.And now here I am:- OpenSource is my Karate- The PlatformOps is my Sax- CyberSecurity is my Swimming- CloudNative is my Astronomy- The Customer Journey is my MTBWhen there is passion, the flavor of the challenge changes.

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