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October 28, 2019 (1 minutes read)

Kubernetes Security Workshop - Lugano, November 19th

An introduction to the findings and definition of the most famous container orchestrator security policies.

Kiratech is happy to announce the Swiss edition of the New Workshop titled Kubernetes Security, that will take place:

in Lugano, on Tuesday November 19th, 2019

at Parco Maraini

via Massagno 32

Are you using Kubernetes or are you going to implement it, but you want to understand first:

  • which are the security findings of the platform?
  • how to measure the security level and risks of the platform?
  • how to protect your container images from known vulnerabilities by third parts?
  • how to reinforce the container and network runtime policy level?
  • how to better manage the private information?

if the anwer is "Yes", that's the workshop for you! 

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During our workshop we will talk in depth about the Kubernetes security findings, we will highlight all the potential risks and the related remedial actions by analysing all the tools provided by k8s.

The workshop will help you understand how to implement a secure, solid and agile environment for your production systems.

Are there any suggested Requirements to attend the workshop? We suggest to have a Kubernetes basic knowledge.

Why a workshop on Kubernetes Security?

In the last two years, Kubernetes is having a great success in the technological scenario: the main firms in the world are adopting or they have already adopted this platform to orchestrate and resize their workloads based on containers using a Cloud Native approach. As per each new complex and fast developing technology, it is important to understand which is its security level and how to make the Kubernetes implementation and usage secure-by-design.

Workshop held by Kiratech, CNCF Silver Member

The Workshop will be held by Kiratech, CNCF Silver Member & Linux Foundation Partner, Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and Training Partner.

The Teacher


Francesco Tornieri

Francesco is Docker & Kubernetes Trainer and DevOps & Security Expert at Kiratech.

Francesco is Docker & Kubernetes Trainer and DevOps Expert, working in the security and open-source fields for 15 years. He published lots of articles for the most famous journals like Linux Journal and Hakin9 and he is the author of the book “Linux. Configurarlo al meglio”. He is also a AIPSI (Associazione Italiana Professionisti Sicurezza Informatica) member and CAcert certifier. Francesco has two professorships in the Cattolica University of Milan and he is a Docker certified trainer.

Still undecided?

Take a look at the Agenda & Register Now

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The Kiratech Switzerland Team


For several years I have been involved in Marketing in the IT sector, with a particular focus on the Digital aspect. In Kiratech, I’m in charge of creating digital and traditional marketing strategies to promote the company services and products in order to help customers embracing the Digital Transformation through innovative IT methodologies and solutions in Data-driven Cloud, Platform Engineering and Secured Software supply chain areas. Supported by the marketing team, I deal with: - The creation of contents in the IT field according to SEO logics and inbound marketing principles - The management and updating of the company website - The strategic and operational management of integrated digital communication campaigns (Website - Social - Email Marketing - Adv) - The management of Digital Advertising Campaigns on Google and LinkedIn - The organization of corporate, community and training events. My main characteristics are curiosity, passion and resourcefulness. I love discovering new things and testing them even through new tools and techniques for the pleasure of increasing my knowledge and gaining new experiences.

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