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May 24, 2019 (2 minutes read)


During the KubeCon and CloudNativeCon 2019 in Barcelona, the newest CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) Silver Members have been announced and Kiratech is one of them! This award and the Kubernetes Certified Service Provider one, are very important for us, especially considering that it is all because of our hard work, dedication and believing in open source technologies like Kubernetes.

What is the Cloud Native Computing Foundation?

CNCF is an open source software foundation dedicated to making cloud native computing universal and sustainable.

Cloud native computing uses an open source software stack to deploy applications as microservices, packaging each part into its own container, and dynamically orchestrating those containers to optimize resource utilization. Cloud native technologies enable software developers to build great products faster.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation builds sustainable ecosystems and fosters a community around a constellation of high-quality projects that orchestrate containers as part of a microservices architecture.

The Foundation’s more than 400 members now include every major public cloud provider, and a growing number of organizations across Europe and Asia. 

“We remain amazed at the growth of the CNCF community and the level of commitment and collaboration between members, end-users and developers alike. Support from our members is what allows CNCF to provide a home for many of the most promising open source, cloud native technologies to improve and grow.” - Said Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is the world’s most popular container-orchestration platform and the first CNCF project. It helps users build, scale and manage modern applications and their dynamic lifecycles.

First developed at Google, Kubernetes now counts more than 2,300 contributors and is used by some of the world’s most-innovative companies, across a wide range of industries. The cluster scheduler capability lets developers build cloud native applications, while focusing on code rather than ops. Kubernetes future-proofs application development and infrastructure management on-premises or in the cloud, without vendor or cloud-provider lock-in. 

What it means to be a CNCF Silver Member and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

Being a CNCF member means have an active role in supporting the cloud native ecosystem growth and evolution. These members have also the opportunity to join the networking and marketing programs to stay up to date about the new projects and features, maintaining the title of cloud native leader

Being a CNCF Kubernetes Certified Service Provider means to have passed a 3 hours hard exam, the CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator) and to have a deep knowledge and experience in helping the enterprises during their Kubernetes adoption process.

KCSP partners provide organizations with support, consultancy, professional services about Kubernetes.


This award represents for us an important certification that increases credibility towards our customers in the technological innovation journey and an incentive for our prospect customers to choose Kiratech as the trusted partner to face the digital transformation process in a successful way.

 If you want to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

 Kiratech Team


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Ilaria Chetta

Ilaria Chetta
Ilaria Chetta is responsible for organizing, influencing and supervising the most important internal processes and projects, reporting the progresses directly to the CEO. Given many years of happy collaboration in Kiratech that have allowed me to follow the company's growth since its inception, I feel I can add value in choosing and organizing the most suitable and functional internal processes for the company itself.

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