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November 27, 2018 (2 minutes read)

Kiratech at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

Last October, we enthusiastically attended Jenkins World Europe 2018, the main Jenkins Conference that this year took place in Nice. We can confirm that the Event has been amazing, full of news and inspirations concerning DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. In this article we want to summarize and share the main issues covered by the speakers.


October 24th, 2018 - Keynote:

Kohsuke Kawaguchi (CloudBees CTO and Jenkins Creator) and Sacha Labourey (CloudBees CEO & Co-founder) had a very energizing speech about the developing world, especially concerning its fast evolution and how software is continuously under pression to innovate itself too. They reminded us that every company is a software company and that software is increasingly eating our World.

The speech went on underlining that we have to change and evolve (or transform using the CloudBees mantra) our way of working because we won’t be able to keep-up with the business needs using processes, methodologies and tools we have been used to work with in the previews legacy and less dynamic world.


Case Study

We want to share one of the best use case saw during the event, which was a practice example of what explained above. Cheryl Razzell, Global Head of Digital Platform Operation from HSBC (3900 offices in 67 countries, 21 billion USD profits, 2.52 trillion assets), showed us the two main reasons why the Digital Global Team has been created: to drive simplification, innovation and to improve the customer experience. To better explain this fact, she started with a list of the biggest problems and challenges to be faced:

  1. Multiple banking platforms (legacy)
  2. Highly regulated environments
  3. Rapidly evolving customers with needs and expectations
  4. Geographically distributed

Being one of the largest banking and financial services institutions in the world, serving millions of customers, they have to respond quickly but also differently from competitors to their customers’ needs. One of their main realized project has been a highly rated mobile application built on a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery platform. What this bank is doing now is to use CloudBees to add analytics and policy automation to make their pipelines adapt to changes in business priorities and infrastructure demands.

"We want an intelligent and aware path to production,"

said Rajeev Mahajan, CIO at HSBC

"We don't want our CI/CD pipelines to be static."

CloudBees Transformation

The main CloudBees mission is to help customers to deliver valuable software faster by providing them with a great continuous delivery solution. CloudBees is the hub of enterprise DevOps involving data, process models and systems of record.

In this evolutionary process, CloudBees if transforming too with the following 5 key projects:

  1. Jenkins Pipeline: iterative, continuous improvement & transformation
  2. Jenkins Evergreen, a radical simplification of Jenkins that:
    1. Is pre-assembled
    2. Allows to go from zero point to productivity in less than 5 clicks/minutes
  3. Configuration as a Code:
    1. What if …. you can apply a sane change control practice to Jenkins configurations?
    2. What if …. Jenkins stops to be a snowflake?
    3. What if …. you can safely roll back a failed upgrade?
    4. What if …. you could cookie cutter lots of identical Jenkins configurations?
  4. Cloud Native Jenkins demonstrated by strong partnerships with Google and Microsoft Azure.
  5. Jenkins X, the new Cloud Operating System: a common all cloud platform with many functionalities and extensibility.

First day conclusions

CloudBees means Continuous Delivery, Continuous Evolution, Continuous Economy and Continuous Value after all!

You can have the best tools, but it’s not enough and it’s only up to you to provide productivity and value to your company. DevOps is an opportunity to manage this transformation in a productive way.


October 25th, 2018 - The Ceremony:

This was the Awards Day during which Kiratech has been rewarded “European Partner of the year”.


CloudBees Innovation Awards honor companies and channel partners achieving business results through DevOps, continuous integration and continuous delivery using CloudBees solutions.

Partner Awards were selected by the CloudBees channel team and the criteria for the awards included: number of customer engagements, a proven expertise in DevOps and demonstrated delivery of DevOps solutions to mutual customers.


Do you want to know more about Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery? Our Team have created a Free Guide where you can discover all the benefits your Company can obtain by implementing these DevOps practices. Don’t miss it, you can download it at the following link:



Ilaria Chetta

Ilaria Chetta
Ilaria Chetta is responsible for organizing, influencing and supervising the most important internal processes and projects, reporting the progresses directly to the CEO. Given many years of happy collaboration in Kiratech that have allowed me to follow the company's growth since its inception, I feel I can add value in choosing and organizing the most suitable and functional internal processes for the company itself.

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