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Digital Transformation Tips from the Experts

Red Hat OpenShift benefits

Feb 12, 2019 4:37:11 PM Posted by Giulio Covassi - No Comments

According to an IDC study, Red Hat OpenShift brings lots of advantages to the companies, especially in terms of productivity, revenue and costs. Let’s analyse the business value found by the interviewed companies and let’s understand why your company should adopt this Platform-as-a-Service solution too.

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The Platform As A Service (PAAS) advantages for the Application Development

Jan 7, 2019 3:23:57 PM Posted by Angela Salgarelli - No Comments

What is the PaaS?

The PaaS (Platform As A Service) is a cloud development environment through which the provider provides hardware, operating system, application platforms and the whole stack required for the development process: web server, database system management, support tools, development tools and other resources useful for the application development realization.

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Containers & PaaS: the Software Development drivers for Digital Banks

Jan 4, 2019 5:30:00 PM Posted by Michele Solazzo - No Comments

In the actual scenario, the biggest banks, the financial companies and all other enterprises, have to face the digital transformation in an innovative way to stay competitive and to satisfy the customers’ needs. DevOps and agile methodology adoption and its corresponding infrastructural adjustment through containers and process development automation practices, are fundamental to ensure success and quality to the application development process, in a fast and flexible way. In the following article we would like to analyse how a bank must exploit these innovative drivers to implement a successful strategy.

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The best DevOps Tools selected by Kiratech

Oct 25, 2018 9:57:03 AM Posted by Angela Salgarelli - No Comments


DevOps methodology is revolutionising the way companies are developing application and the way they are distributing them on the market. DevOps involves software development activities, IT Operations and all processes used by the IT department.

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