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Digital Transformation Tips from the Experts

Machine Learning Software: how to use it for your company

Nov 29, 2018 5:32:27 PM Posted by Marco Bizzantino - No Comments

In the past companies didn’t use to know their internal problems. The issues were often raised directly by customers; business decisions weren’t taken based on the real data internally collected, but they were based on problems occurred in that specific moment. In the IT and Automation world it is not acceptable to become aware of problems only when the customer is complaining about them, or when the company has already lost him. Today we have a perfectly clear and real-time vision about what is happening. Companies have only to learn how to use that information to improve their work and their turnover.

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Internet of Things Benefits

Nov 13, 2018 2:33:19 PM Posted by Giulio Covassi - No Comments

A good product is not enough to make a company leader in the market. Maintenance and performance have always to be on top. Let’s see how the most innovative industries are moving in this field towards the greatest business results.

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