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13 ottobre, 2015 (Lettura 2 minuti)

VMworld Day 1 (Partner Day) and Day 2

We arrived on Monday October 12th for the Partner Exchange and were welcome by the following message: “We are living in the “App Economy” and it does not concern only Apps&Mobile Apps, but the “new way of living”.

Today for many people (in the most cases for the young ones) the Bank today is not a Building, but a Mobile App.

The IT Cycle is: Deploy an Application, deploy the mobile application, collect Data and Do Analysis to understand the best Application to deploy and the cycle restarts. This brings to new paradigm:

  • Big Data
  • Containers
  • Microservices
  • Designed for failures

And what about Infrastructure? It has to change!

From RAID&Disks concepts to SDDC (Software Defined DataCenters: an Operating System for DataCenters): replace disks with DataCenters.

The Future of IT is Custom Application and Custom Platform on any x86, any storage and any IP Address. This is INFRASTRUCTURE AS A CODE!

What does it mean for Industry?

William Stanley Jevons, economist of ‘800 during the Industrial Revolution said: “if we push the use of Steam Engine anybody will buy it and the cost will decrease and many will use the engine for new things we still ever know today, but we will need more and more carbon…. And we have it not!”

So Stop building steam engine and evolve in new type of engine…. Cloud, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS

But architecture design has to start from “how do you want deliver applications”

Build your Operation Transformation on your existing:

  • IT investment (SDDC)
  • Teams (skills development, process change, IT transformation)
  • Transform to deliver service for business outcome (cost savings, innovation, business growth)


Cloud is moving from Experimental Phase into Professional Phase for the next 4 years (then there will be the Mass Market phase for about 10 years and finally the Mature phase …).


The Monday speech closed by passing the witness for the day after Carl Eschenbach opening: ONE Cloud that collapse into a Unified Hybrid Cloud.

Carl Eschenbach welcome 10,000 audience with the expected news: Dell entered in a final agreement to acquire EMC while VMWare remains an independent public Company. After the great excitement and expectations on this opportunity he started with the tag of the Conference: Are you ready for ANY Technology Disruption? 3 challenges for todays’ IT professional:

  1. Cloud Silos: silos start to emerge and this means hard to manage
  2. Application Silos: besides traditional applications cloud-native one are coming more and more in a massive way
  3. Proliferation: content, applications and devices

VMWare strategy to address this challenges and let them became opportunities declines in:

  1. ONE (Homogeneous) Cloud to arrive to a Unified Hybrid Cloud
  2. Any Application
  3. Any device to collect to any application to any content

The “secret sauce” for all remains virtualization, but extended to the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) concept: Software Defined Compute, Storage and Network.

On the stage Ray O’Farrel talked about cloud-native application developed from the beginning to leverage the power of the Cloud. These applications need to:

  • Leverage elastic Infrastructure: Cloud-native Application Architecture:
    • distributed and scale-out: to pursue by two new approaches:
      • extending vSphere
      • new platform
    • and the guest stars are:
      • containers (vSphere Integrated Containers: an Enterprise-Grade Container Infrastructure). To highlight increased Efficiency with:
        • Photos OS (about 25MB)
        • Instant Clone to create in less than 1 second powered-on VM with initial 0 Mb footprint
      • VMWare Photon Platform (build and optimized for cloud-native apps) that is separate and distended by vSphere


Many demos and testimonials showed the value of this approaches and concepts by leaving us whit a hidden question that is in real an imperative: Be Ready to these disruptive IT challenges. If you catch them you will be a winner! Gooood Luck!


Angela Salgarelli

Angela Salgarelli
For several years I have been involved in Marketing in the IT sector, with a particular focus on the Digital aspect. In Kiratech, I’m in charge of creating digital and traditional marketing strategies to promote the company services and products in order to help customers embracing the Digital Transformation through innovative IT methodologies and solutions in Data-driven Cloud, Platform Engineering and Secured Software supply chain areas. Supported by the marketing team, I deal with: - The creation of contents in the IT field according to SEO logics and inbound marketing principles - The management and updating of the company website - The strategic and operational management of integrated digital communication campaigns (Website - Social - Email Marketing - Adv) - The management of Digital Advertising Campaigns on Google and LinkedIn - The organization of corporate, community and training events. My main characteristics are curiosity, passion and resourcefulness. I love discovering new things and testing them even through new tools and techniques for the pleasure of increasing my knowledge and gaining new experiences.

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