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Day 1 of OpenStack Summit @Vancouver 2015 got off to a spectacular start today with the opening keynote from Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director, OpenStack Foundation.
He started thanking the 6.000 attendees and announcing the 500 sessions that will take place during the entire week.
He outlined OpenStack Community direction and vision for the future, and the step forward that are being implemented.
According to Jonathan, in the actual market every Company is becoming a software Company and must build a Software to compete: this is the Software-Defined Economy. If you think to traditional physical capital intensive business, they are being disrupted by Software, by the Application Economy. Take the taxi industry example: since Uber started the service, the price of a taxi medallion in NYC has dropped of 20%, and in San Francisco the number of Taxi Rides has dropped 65%.

Another theme that he mentioned has been the Developers Productivity improvement: this is an importanti issue that a lot of companies (like Docker, Rocket, Mesos, Kubernetes) are facing, discovering every day new. These are all about PROCESSING DATA, STORING DATA, MOVING DATA, so the basic foundations are stil the COMPUTE, the STORAGE and the NETWORKING.

In this way he links the OpenStack Community Vision: “A global footprint, a cloud that brings together compute Storage and Networking resources”. That would enable users to seamlessly mix and match resources from their own data centre with those of public cloud providers, delivering a so-called hybrid cloud model.
At this point there was the main Announcement: the Community is working on defining a common core that must be available in any OpenStack Environment, Public, Private or Hybrid. This is a huge step forward because it involves Common Code and Common APIS. He announced the 16 companies that have started working on it and that are in the Marketplace with their testing results that during 2015 will show the reached results in creating an Openstack Powered Planet.

He announced KILO, the 11th OpenStack Release created by the Community teams efforts, of which the main feature is Federated Identity: it shows in fact the power of having an OpenStack Power Planet with a Global Footprint of Clouds.

After the visionary introduction, Jonathan has started going deep in talking about the growing changements that the TV and Film Industry is facing with the digital revolution and has called on the scene Guillame Aubuchan, Digital Film Tree CTO and Managing Partner. His speech has given an impressive evidence on how having a cloud-based workflow is a key point for his industry. He’s mentioned in fact that 1 hour of TV matches to 44 minutes of contents and to 216.000 minutes of footage; this is a massive data problem, involving storage and accessibility, that a production company need to face every day. Through a live “home-made” production from camera-to-CloudDemo how they have worked with 2 providers (HP and Bluebox) to build a totally cloud-based production system for film and TV content, he demonstrated how the system enables footage to be captured and uploaded to one cloud, then transferred to another cloud for processing.
Another similar experience has been brought on the scene by Com Cast, one of the most important company in the Media industry, this time from camera to couch
Bryce explained that these are just two examples of how OpenStack is driving new use cases and expanding what people can do across a variety of industries.
"Interoperability means you can share your cloud footprint. It shows the power of the ‘OpenStack planet' we are trying to build," he said.

After the Keynote, Amandeep Singh Juneja, Senior Director for Cloud Operations and Engineering at WalmartLabs, has explained the cloud journey, from internet to tag, from rfid to cloud, of one of the largest World retailers. For a such big company (11k stores, 245 million of customers per week, area of 100square Km) it’s been a huge challenge to face to digital world, but building a large private Cloud has helped the foundation of E-Commerce 3.0 = any products at any time from anywhere.

If that’s still not enough then stay tuned! We are thrilled with today’s outcome and are looking forward to another great, content packed day tomorrow!

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