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2 ottobre, 2015 (Lettura 2 minuti)


The Event of September the 17th, on the Kiratech 10th Anniversary, that has been a huge success, attracting 200 people (mainly customers, but also Partners and Kiratech staff) interested in our offer and vision.

At first we want to thank all people who joined the event, because we have been very happy to celebrate the anniversary with people that contributed to Kiratech growth, development and success.

But let’s go in depth into the highlights of the event:

  • The anniversary started with a meaningful presentation: it was a pleasure to listen to our main partners visions, thanks to their speech. Most of them talked about their long term or new partnership with Kiratech and they have been all enthusiastic to underline the innovation aspects that has always characterized our company. We had some historical partners, like VMware, EMC, Veeam and Red Hat, and some new alliances that we had the pleasure to announce, like Elastic, Nutanix and Docker.

1. Event starting-How many people!3. Elastic booth
4. An interview with EMC2. VMware speaking

The other sponsors of the event were: Kaspersky, Rapid 7, Puppet Labs, Veeam, Appdynamics, Ruckus, Juniper, Anuta Networks and Datalicious. We had been very gratified for the participation of “Dipartimento di Informatica” of “Università di Verona”, that took a speech regarding our long term partnership based on education and value discovering. Another collaboration has been with Fimauto, that allowed us to deliver a “shuttle service” for our customers going towards the event location through 2 branded electrical BMW i3.


  • During the break people had the possibility to visit our Technological Corners, composed by some Optimus Print 3D Printers, that printed some Kiratech Gadgets in real time; by a Ruckus WiFi system that tracked the movements of people in real time all around the location of the event; and by an Oculus vr corner, where people had the possibility to try some simulations of virtual reality.

5. Kiratech gadgets printed with Optimus Print 3D Printer

  • At the end of the Sponsors Speeches, there was a special intervention by a special guest: one of the most famous Italian Chef Carlo Cracco. Here our CEO Giulio Covassi underlined the aspects of innovation, characteristics that both sectors, a technological Company like Kiratech and an High Level Chef, have in common. Moreover we had the pleasure to discover some inedited aspects of his culinary career and also to assist to his fantastic Show-cooking! The customers were really enthusiastic!

6. Chef Carlo Cracco Speaking7. Carlo Cracco's Show-cooking


  • After there was a dinner, cooked by Carlo Cracco, and our main customers had the occasion to have business conversation with Kiratech Partners.

8. Dinner with customers and partners9. Foto Soci Decennale


What’s there to say? Thank you all for participating to this amazing event! We have been very happy to celebrate it with our main customers and partners and we hope to see you all for the next fantastic event..but for now: Happy Birthday Kiratech!!!

You can find some event contents at the following links: 

•  Event pictureshttp://on.fb.me/1O5wuE2

•  Event videos: 

•  Presentations used during Vendors speecheshttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/4pzm7k3rrvhess6/AAD0Jfp4x2bYP7dkHselNM4ua?dl=0


Angela Salgarelli

Angela Salgarelli
For several years I have been involved in Marketing in the IT sector, with a particular focus on the Digital aspect. In Kiratech, I’m in charge of creating digital and traditional marketing strategies to promote the company services and products in order to help customers embracing the Digital Transformation through innovative IT methodologies and solutions in Data-driven Cloud, Platform Engineering and Secured Software supply chain areas. Supported by the marketing team, I deal with: - The creation of contents in the IT field according to SEO logics and inbound marketing principles - The management and updating of the company website - The strategic and operational management of integrated digital communication campaigns (Website - Social - Email Marketing - Adv) - The management of Digital Advertising Campaigns on Google and LinkedIn - The organization of corporate, community and training events. My main characteristics are curiosity, passion and resourcefulness. I love discovering new things and testing them even through new tools and techniques for the pleasure of increasing my knowledge and gaining new experiences.

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