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by Giulio

Here we are!

This is the fourth OpenStack summit for Kiratech after dates in Portland, Hong Kong and Atlanta, this is the first edition in Europe and Paris.

60 participating countries, half of which from Europe, the number of subscribers has increased year on year showing that the community is strong and growing.

“Everyone competes with a startup and we live in a software defined economy”; were the themes of the last version in Atlanta

“Freedom of Choice and produce through innovation” the paradigms of this Summit in Paris.

The numbers are clear, 11 Billion dollars is the annual expenditure on OpenStack research invested by members

OpenStack is a set of software types to build a cloud and more and more customers are putting this into production, for example, the Spanish bank BBVA, German car manufacturer BMW and the US media company Time Warner Cable, who presented their user cases during the first keynote.

Some impressive numbers were given in the second keynote, in the year 2020 there will be an equal number of smartphones and humans, also in the first week of the iPhone 6 launch the number of semiconductors sold has increased 25X compared to the whole number of the sum of semiconductors into PCs sold in 1995!

We are moving towards a concept of distributed supercomputer convergence between humanity and IT.

The number of private cloud based on OpenStack far exceeds that of Amazon's Public Cloud.

OpenStack includes 2700 developers in over 125 companies.

OpenStack is everywhere on the private cloud, other examples of commercial use can be found at the CERN in Geneva, the online travel booking site Expedia and the Adv startup Tapjoy.

The next OpenStack venues will be in Vancouver and Tokyo and last but not least this year, the OpenStack superuser award went to CERN in Geneva.

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7-nov-2014 9.01.39 Posted by kkadmweb

Black Hat USA 2019 – Las Vegas

Quest’anno abbiamo deciso di partecipare per la prima volta a Black Hat USA, la più grande e importante conferenza di security a livello mondiale. A salire sul volo direzione Las Vegas sono stati Giulio Covassi, CEO di Kiratech e Alessandro...


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Kiratech si classifica al secondo posto all'NFV Innovation Hackathon organizzato da SoftFIRE

Siamo lieti di annunciare che Kiratech si è classificata al secondo posto all’Innovation SoftFIRE Hackathon, tenutosi a Roma il 18-19 Aprile. 

L’evento ha voluto offrire a giovani realtà imprenditoriali e PMI la possibilità di sviluppare nuove...


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Primo Docker meetup a Verona

Kiratech ha il piacere di organizzare il PRIMO DOCKER MEETUP A VERONA dedicato a tutti coloro che desiderano approfondire il mondo dei Containers e fare networking!


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7-nov-2014 9.01.39 Posted by kkadmweb

Docker Workshop & Meetup - Roma 7 Luglio 2016

Kiratech ha il piacere di organizzare  con il Docker User Group di Roma


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