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22 settembre, 2014 (Lettura 1 minuti)

Puppet Conf 2014


We are proud to attend the Contributor Summit and the PuppetConf 2014, the main event for the worldwide Puppet community.

The Contributor Summit is for both existing and new contributors to Puppet, related projects, and modules, and basically for:

  • People who submit pull requests and contribute code to Puppet projects
  • Community members working on related projects
  • People who contribute to Puppet Labs modules or contribute their own modules to the Puppet Forge
  • Key community members who answer a lot of questions about using Puppet
  • Long-time Puppet users who are interested in doing more

For this event, there will be two separate tracks:

  • Module Contribution Track
  • Puppet Core Project Contribution Track


Just after it, we'll attend the Puppet Conf, two+  days of insightful presentations covering current best practices and trends in DevOps, cloud automation, and continuous delivery.
Are you attending it too or are you just interested? Write a comment, or contact us on @kiratech or @bizzam twitter account!







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