DevOps is a cultural movement, guided by a set of practices implemented through the use of specific tools, that emphasize communication and continuous collaboration between developers, operations and test.

DevOps is inspired by Agile Methodology, born in the first years of 21st Century, that consists in the creation of smaller, cross-functional and auto-managed developing teams, in order to work in a more productive way also through the iterative and incremental development, adaptive communication and the direct and continuous engagement of customers in the development process.

As Agile, DevOps allows to write, release and test software quickly, frequently and reliably; unlike Agile, that establishes a change of thinking, DevOps is a real cultural change that generates a collaboration between different teams engaged in the software development lifecycle: developers and operations teams collaborate, creating some hybrid resources; all this process is implemented by involving also testers and quality assurance teams.

Problems encountered:

Most of the IT budget is spent in renewals and maintenance of legacy solutions in order to maintain the status quo.

Different teams don’t have complete mutual visibility and information don’t circulate out of these silos making these escalation process long and bureaucratic.

The transition from Test to Q/A to trial and to production is very hard, not automated and, as a result, error-prone.

Logs and systems or applications metrics are not always reachable from the project owners, because the monitoring process is executed by a separate team and this way of acting drives to inefficiency and to other bureaucracies.


Kiratech Approach:

Kiratech embraced DevOps approach in 2012, in advance of the Italian Market, thanks to innovation and scouting activity that have always been our strength.

With reference to this approach and to this culture, Kiratech considers Education and Training as a fundamental component. Our technical and sales people have specific certifications and skills on our solutions portfolio and our services include a complete customer Education on the different areas of expertise.

Since 2015 we are the first Docker Official Partner in Italy for:

  • Education & Training
  • Subscription reselling

Our proposition is able to cover every aspects of a modern datacenter. In particular our solutions involve the following areas:

  • Automated testing
  • Configuration management and compliance
  • Security
  • Proactive monitoring and Metrics
  • Analytics
  • Continuous delivery and continuous integration
  • Continuous deployment
  • Continuous pipeline
  • Application and system lifecycle
  • Scale out
  • Private, hybrid and public cloud

In a world where IT is becoming every day more API-centric, we assist customers in redesign every component of their datacenter in order to be part of a bigger and more harmonious project.

Our vision is based on market leading projects and solutions, that, once integrated, can give to Companies an important added value.


There are a lot of benefits that a Company can get from DevOps methodology adoption and from the implementation of different technologies that cover each single area of interest. Among them we can find:

  • Best quality of software release
  • Greater frequency of releases
  • Major efficiency and transparency of IT processes
  • Cultural change through a better collaboration
  • Greater capacity of reaction to business needs
  • Optimization processes
  • Increased code quality
  • Time and costs cutting
  • Transversal visibility
  • Great native integration between all the listed aspects

Are you looking for an introduction to DevOps Methodology? Discover what is DevOps, the way it can improve your Business and the benefits it can offer to your company:

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Kiratech provides high-level consulting & training, and resells the best tools that help Enterprises in the Digital Transformation Journey. For more then 10 years Kiratech has been selecting the best technologies and methodologies to be implemented in Companies in DevOps, Cloud, Big Data Analytics and Security fields.