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Search, Observability and Security for a Cloud Native Enterprise withElastic and Kiratech

A single platform to manage your IT
infrastructure and corporate security


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Companies using or moving to cloud are going to come across security issues and vulnerabilities that needs to be faced proactively

To provide an adequate and preventive security, you need to know in depth your IT Infrastructure and be able to observe the state of your system.

In this webinar, we will discuss about the most suitable tools and processes to modernize the IT infrastructure enabling observability, security and search.

We will start with the introduction of the Elastic products by defining its Cloud Native Reference Architecture and we will have the chance to see how the platform works during a demo.

Lastly, we will follow the Elastic journey of Mondora-Teamsystem, software and advisory company specialising in custom cloud solutions for all kinds of businesses.


Introduction of the Elastic Stack and the services offered by Elastic
  • A look at the Cloud Native Reference Architecture
  • Why you should choose Elastic as a reference platform for Search, Observability and Security
  • Demo of the platform (with an exclusive overview of Elastic Observability's new features)
  • The Elastic Journey of Mondora-Teamsystem: from data collector to APM Observability and the next big step, security