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We are here to help you improving you business' goals by leading your company through the path of the application and infrastructure modernization

The areas in which we operate:

  • Cloud, to make your infrastructure’s delivery processes easier, optimized and automized.
    Our Partners: Mellanox Technologies, Nutanix, AWS, Veeam, Vmware, IBM Cloud, NetApp, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud.

  • DevOps, to improve the application quality thanks to the better communication between Developers and Operations.
    Our Partners: RedHat, Icinga, Puppet, CloudBees, GitLab, Elastic, GitHub, HashiCorp, Rancher, SauceLabs.
  • CyberSecurity (AKIT Unit), to detect threats and delete risks in advance thanks to Shift-Left approach and DevSecOps Methodology.
    Our Partners: Libraesva, Rapid7, Kaspersky, Cisco

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