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Kiratech è anche a Milano

Da oggi, 2 maggio 2016 gli uffici Kiratech si ingrandiscono e sbarcano anche a Milano!

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Kiratech @ Vinitaly 2016 – Cloud & Infrastructure Day e DevOps Day

Vinitaly 2016, il più grande evento dedicato al mondo del vino che quest’anno ha festeggiato il 50° anniversario, ha ospitato i 2 Main Event di Kiratech.

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Dockercon Europe in Barcelona Day 2 Keynote - November the 17th

Welcome back on our blog! Here we are with the updates of Day 2 @ Dockercon Europe.

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Dockercon Europe 2015 – Day 1 Keynote – November the 16th

Welcome on our new blogpost! This time we have joined DockerCon Europe in Barcellona, in order to learn all the news about one of the most innovative technologies in the actual market, Docker.
There are about 1.500 attendees at the event.
The Day 1 general session has been presented by Ben Golub, Docker CEO.
He started talking about Docker image in the world and he explained that it’s perceived as a developer tool, even if it’s much more than this.
As Solomon Hykes (Docker CTO & founder) said, Docker is about building tools of mass innovation.
There was then a statistic time: he announced that Docker project has more or less 2.000 contributors, and that there are more than 10.000 pull requests.
The global communities around Docker are about 215 throughout 63 countries.
Over 60.000 projects and GitHub have “Docker” in their title.
Then he went through the state of the Project, saying that there are:
- 240.000 dockerized applications
- 1.3 Billion Docker Hub pulls
- 5.6 million Docker Hub pulls per day

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Kiratech @ Openstack Summit in Tokyo! Day 2 Overview

Welcome back on Kiratech blog! Today we’ll resume day 2 Keynote @ Openstack summit in Tokyo.

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Kiratech @ Openstack Summit 2015 in Tokyo! Day 1 Keynote Overview

The day one Keynote started with a great welcome and with some numbers about this Japanese edition: actually at the event there are 5.000 people from 56 countries. That’s the largest Openstack event we have seen outside of North America!

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