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How to simplify the Kubernetes adoption in an enterprise environment and lay the foundation for modern applications across multi-cloud infrastructure

The Cloud Native approach is the ideal solution for Enterprises that are facing an infrastructural and application modernization project.

In this Webinar, we will discuss about the most suitable tools and processes to modernize the IT infrastructure enabling automation, scalability and flexibility.

We will start with the definitions of Cloud Native and Multi Cloud by pointing out their relation in order to develop an architecture in which you run different apps and workloads on different, specific clouds.

To enable this, we need a tool that allows running Kubernetes containers across multiple cloud infrastructure, which is exactly what Tanzu Kubernetes Grid does.

During the webinar, we will have the chance to know the new product by VMware and see how the platform works during a demo.



  • What is Cloud Native and Multicloud 
  • The relation between Cloud Native and Multicloud
  • Define a Cloud Native toolchain and enable the transformation
  • What is Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
  • How TKG accelerate the Cloud Native Transformation
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Demo



Vincenzo Ferme - Cloud Native Tech Lead at Kiratech S.p.A.. Cloud and DevOps Expert, Vincenzo helps organizations define and implement the best digital transformation journey for their business.


Heiko Hirschler - With VMware since 2010 being responsible for emerging technologies like cloud management and network virtualization. Spend the last 2 years with Pivotal and now being responsible for the Tanzu portfolio in CEMEA in the commercial sector.

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